Site prepares for launch

We here in the Valorant Competitive Community (VCC) believe in the promise of VALORANT as a new E-Sports phenomenon that will help strengthen and advance the already competitive PC FPS scene. With a strong competitive scene will come a strong player base and community. These players and teams will require a hub for all things VALORANT competitive. VCC hopes to be that hub.

The VALORANT Competitive Community website is preparing for official launch by the end of April 2020. At launch, it will be your go to hub for all things competitive VALORANT including tournaments, ladders, PUGs, recruitment, and more.

We are working on putting all the final touches on the website and competition system, and will post a new announcement once everything is all set.

Upon the official launch, both North American (NA) and European (EU) players will be able to begin signing up for the open ladders hosted on this website. We will also be planning both an NA and EU, single elimination launch tournament that will help with initial placement into Open and Intermediate ladders.

We’re excited at the opportunity to launch this site and become the first competitive website for VALORANT players to begin competing and having their record and statistics tracked.

Check back soon for more news.