Soft launch with initial ladder opening

We are proud to announce the soft launch of the Valorant Competitive Community website. As part of the soft launch, we’ve opened the VALORANT 5v5 VCC Pre-Launch Ladder so players can start familiarizing themselves with the ladder system. So, be sure to register an account and sign your team up. Don’t have a team yet? Visit the recruitment center and view team ads. Team not full yet? Visit the view player ads page and fill out your roster.

What is the soft launch?

We will use this time to test out the website for functionality and get your initial feedback. We will be adding more functionality throughout this period, and fixing any issues people notice. So don’t hesitate to contact us or join our discord.

Plans for after the soft launch

We are planning to run the soft launch through the end of the April. During this time people can submit content to the site, enjoy playing in the ladder, and submit feedback. Once the soft launch ends we will fully launch the site with a kick off tournament that teams will be able to play in.

Once the tournament is over, we will open registration for the the official Open ladders, and will use the results of the tournament to place teams on the intermediate ladder. More information forthcoming.

What can you do to help?

If you’re here, we probably all have the same common goal of helping VALORANT E-Sports to start off on the right foot and be a great success. We believe this is the first step in starting to accomplish that. So, if you want to support our efforts, make sure you share this website with your teammates and friends, get registered on the ladder, and work with us as we start to build out this community.

Thanks for stopping by, and we will talk again soon.

  • Reverence & the VCC Staff Team