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Team Name
Roles Looking For
Team Link
Additional Details
Team UnstableXEUEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader16+ for Diamond plus players12/1/2020 6:55:08
Looking for Radaint Nerds East NASupport, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader16+ to find competitive players to compete with... , 3x radaint feel free to message me on discord NotLuckie#6302 11/10/2020 7:25:11
Vize ClanEast NA, Central NA, West NALurker, In Game Leader16+ for players willing to practice 5 days a week. DM Vize Lost through discord for more info.9/11/2020 20:44:24
NFG EsportsEast NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader16+The current plan is to have two immortal+ rosters with our "A" squad be the main roster, who will practice 3-4 times a week and enter tournaments weekly to bi-weekly with coaches in their scrims and VOD reviews.

The "B" squad will be substitutes, we however know that no immortal player wants to be on a sub roster. These players will scrim 2-3 times a week and compete in a tournament of their own at least once a month. B squad players will have opportunities to move up into the "A" squad if we feel they are performing, and will work under the same staff, even if it practices are not always occupied by the full coaching staff.

The end goal is to have a seamless 10 man roster that can compete and drive each other to win.

ADD: zayfray#6305 ON DISCORD
9/9/2020 20:57:46
Caustic GamingEast NA, Central NA, West NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader18+Looking for a 5th for our team. 9/9/2020 20:37:32
Hennessy Honey Baked HamWest NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader21+You wanna win 9/6/2020 3:14:54
Enmity Unit eSportsEuropeEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader16+ be able to scrim with team 3x a week. 9/5/2020 16:06:40
Rift WalkersEast NA, Central NA, West NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader16+ entry fees paid9/1/2020 22:13:36
Kodiak EsportsWest NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader16+
About Kodiak E-sports.

Kodiak E-sports is heavily committed to becoming a top name in competitive Valorant E-sports, we're striving to make this into an
evolving company and make life for our players and staff much more exciting and eventful, by obtaining sponsorships, merchandise deals and etc. we can come together to make Kodiak E-sports a household name for E-sports watchers and competitors.
8/17/2020 12:15:26
Omega Gaming EsportsEast NA, Central NA, West NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader18+ looking to pick up an entire team that is already made and looking to represent an organization. We are looking to pick up some teams for the upcoming Upsurge Valorant leagues, as well as for some open tournaments. 8/16/2020 20:36:35
Encrypt eSportsEast NAEntry Fragger, Support, Sniper, In Game Leader14+ roster options available - we have openings in the Gold/Platinum roster and substitute openings in the Diamond/Immortal roster.8/9/2020 2:41:52
Dynasty E-SportsEast NA, Central NA, West NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader18+ ROWZZ#8481
Application form:
Looking for players to fill out 2 teams. Dynasty Blue and Black.
1 premier team (diamond+)
1 entry level team (plat+)
Mature players only.
8/2/2020 18:18:05
Cold Blooded E-SportsCentral NA, West NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, In Game Leader16+Join me today forming our new roster with promising goals, set expectations, and a staff committed to you.
- We are looking to participate in tournaments after evaluation process (Reaching Elite+ inside our Discord)
- Creating 10 man Scrims everyday (Our own ranking system)
- Try Outs everyday
- Immortal+ Scrims & Diamond+ Scrims
6/24/2020 5:24:36
TLBEast NA, Central NASupport18+Send me a message zephiK#8753 on Discord if interested.

We are looking for ONE (non-entry role, support) individual to complete our roster. The team is composed of Immortal players during the beta and come from a background in CSGO.

Team Accomplishments in Valorant so far:
Top 32 Liquid Valorant Academy 06/13/2020
3rd/4th Liquid Valorant Academy 05/08/2020
2nd UMG 05/09/2020
Top 8 CheckMate Gaming 05/07/2020

What we’re looking for:
• Previous competitive experience in a respectable title is a must (preferably with tournament experience in Valorant and an background in ESEA)
• 18+ East or Central in North America, flexible schedule, non-toxic
• Understanding of how to play in a team environment
• Ability to accept criticism (learning from mistakes and owning up to them)

Interested? Send me a message INCLUDING prior teams, achievements and external links to solidify your candidacy (e.g. ESEA profile, Liquipedia). SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, other messages will be ignored.
6/17/2020 13:18:38
NFG Esportsanywhere in NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader16+

Hey there!

My name is zayfray and I own/manage NFG Esports. We are an NA based amateur esports organization dedicated to helping our players grow both in game and out in a competitive environment.

We are currently putting together tryouts for our first VALORANT squad and we’re looking for plat 3+ players to tryout. You’ll have a chance to be a part of a team, and compete in tournaments! If this sounds likes something you’d be interested in please add me in disc zayfray#6305

Thanks have a great day!

*Age is not require but 16+ is preferred.

6/14/2020 0:30:28
Sinful GamingEast NA, West NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader18+Good sweaty players who can hold their weight. Good communication and willing to learn! Ranked at least silver. DM OneWaYSins on twitter or add OneWaY Sins#7348 on discord6/12/2020 21:17:55
DFA (down from aboveEast NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader16+ Down From Above
Is looking for you. If you are interested in joining check with the requirements and dm me for any questions


Play at LEAST 3 hours of Valorant with team

Be Active

Communicate with team

Able to participate in Scrims or Tournaments

Flexible in playing different Agents

Can Deal with Criticism

Can Play more then 4 days a week

16+ Age
just add me on discord if you are interested (advice#1998)
6/11/2020 19:39:34
Team RaPiDEast NASupport, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader14+ are team rapid.
We are looking for mature players who dont tilt easily, have past competitive fps experience, and willing to dedicate.
DM sulli#0478 if youre interested, ill go more into detail about how this is going to work.
6/9/2020 19:44:40
Working From HomeEast NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker21+ 1's in beta. Looking for some sweaties to join. We have a squad, but these guys decided to get lives/gfs. Currently looking for supports, cyphers, entries. Hit us up!6/7/2020 21:01:55
Lyfe EsportsCentral NA, West NASupport18+ for one to compete in Valorant:
- Diamond+
- sage/cypher preferred, but we are flexible
- Long term/willing to work out problems and learn the game properly
- T16 in the last 30B event
6/4/2020 1:37:43
Global EliteCentral NA, West NASupport, Lurker18+ to go pro6/3/2020 19:15:09
Party AnimalsEast NA, Central NA, West NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, In Game Leader16+We are looking for 3 players to complete our roster for NA Open Season 1. If you're interested add either one of us on Valorant ChucK#2320 or Jxke#49196/2/2020 15:32:57
Team WardenWest NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper16+ to build a team of cohesive players first and foremost. Will be a grass roots start with desire to become something more.6/2/2020 0:44:10
Los ChubisLasEntry Fragger, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader14+Hi!
5/11/2020 15:55:13
KeepYourSanityEast NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader16+Must have excellent Communication Skills, past fps experience, must be able to commit to team and schedule, available weeknights and weekends5/9/2020 2:27:39
Epoch Aurora EsportsCentral NAEntry Fragger16+Wookens#4601 on discord add me and DM me5/8/2020 1:32:56
AtmospheryEast NAEntry Fragger, Sniper16+Équipe atmosphery en recherche de joueur qui compte faire de l'esport et aller pousser l'aventure plus loin. Si intéressé me dm sur discord Kazou725#8597 ou simplement me répondre ici. Un seul critère, parler français et savoir assumé ces erreurs en jeux 😉5/5/2020 21:46:44
SilentSpaghettiEast NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader14+GET GUD4/29/2020 16:37:05
Here 4 CoffeeEast NA, Central NA, West NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader14+4/25/2020 18:32:01
untitledeuEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader14+must be able to play breach or sage
4/25/2020 11:32:45
cellybEast NAEntry Fragger, In Game Leader16+looking to go pro4/24/2020 21:13:20
NoLurk1West NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader14+ 20:32:46
The FlockCentral NAEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper18+TO4 LF1 for the open qualifier, message me for more info.4/24/2020 18:34:48
The Crooked Septors East NAEntry Fragger, In Game Leader16+------------------------------------------------------------------
The Crooked Septors [TCS] (16+)
We are a Brand New Valorant Team Recruiting to be the best.
Our Goals are to go pro and become an all around well known competitive team.
As a community and team we want to focus positive mentality and
Building Team Structure. Our team is also looking for coaches.
We are also looking for 4 players to join the main team of 8 players.
------------------------------ ------------------------------
Practice Hours: Tryouts:
------------------------------ ------------------------------
Wednesdays: @7pm I Sundays: @7pm
Friday: @7pm I Thursdays: @7pm
Saturdays: @7pm ( EST)
------------------------------ ------------------------------
4/24/2020 17:06:33
HydroWest EUSupport, Lurker, Sniper14+ are Hydro. An upcoming Valorant team, determined to be the best. We will be playing in the 30 bomb when we get the last 3 members we need. My discord: hydro_bird#8134 Our instagram: @hydroclanlol Twitter: @hydro_valorant4/23/2020 8:49:59
Team fakeEast NAEntry Fragger, Lurker16+ you for looking at out team
Join out discord:
4/23/2020 0:06:49
L|C\DEast NAEntry Fragger16+dadada4/22/2020 15:13:57
Team RaPiDEast NAEntry Fragger, Sniper, In Game Leader14+ be mature, not toxic, and willing to improve.4/22/2020 14:42:34
Team RaPiDEast NALurker, Sniper, In Game Leader14+Must be mature and willing to improve.4/22/2020 12:13:27
Eternal GamingEastEntry Fragger21+Recruiting for Eternal Gaming

We are a fairly new and young team; we have competed in 2 tournaments so far and plan to enter many more. Our current winnings are only $50 but looking to build on that A LOT. Looking for someone who is dedicated to getting better at the game and overall making the team better.


-Must be 18 years old+, disregard the 21+ option

-Must have a working mic and be able to communicate clearly, also having no PC or internet problems.

-Must be able to attend tournaments when needed as well as league matches along with scrims and practices.

-Preferably someone who is in the CST time zone. Also, someone who can be online in the late-morning and early-afternoon, as well as every day.

-Mainly looking for an entry fragger but will accept other roles.

-We want someone who doesn’t tilt easily, it is okay to get frustrated at times but at the end of the day getting angry at the game and your teammates isn’t going to change anything!

Application Format:


Past FPS games and experience:

League and 3rd party platform experience (ESEA, Face-It, etc.):

Main Role, Character, hours played Valorant:

Availability (Days and Hours):

Discord (Can send privately @ Shane #4795):

Thanks for taking your time to read the post and I hope you will be able to join us on our road to mastering this new and amazing game!
4/21/2020 13:25:04
Team LatencyEast, Central, WestEntry Fragger, Support, Lurker, Sniper, In Game Leader16+ semi-pro or pro in CS/OW.4/21/2020 1:47:24
ProCalibreEast USAEntry Fragger (Phoenix), Support (Brimstone)21+'re looking for mature players4/17/2020 0:19:04