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EeyuhnEeyuhn #1672udontknowme#527517SEAOnly played for fun1/2/2021 11:41:49
1postdeath 1postdeath #3535james f3f3#466316Central NA, West NAIntermediate, MainReyna/Omen/Jett
Can IGL but pref Entry or rifle
A+ on ESEA with league xp
lvl 10 faceit
Past Tournament xp
I have earnings
12/3/2020 11:51:58
LvYetiLvYeti#NA1LvYeti#052320East NA, Central NAIntermediate, MainI am an Immortal 3 Reyna main, I also run Raze & Omen. Preferably Reyna. High in vocals and full time streamer. I have competed in 30bomb tourneys before but unfortunately my previous team broke up and I havnt competed since Act 1 and looking to get back in to the grind for a team and go semi-pro minimum.12/2/2020 1:11:43
LouitanLouitan#2540Louitan#870319ukOnly played for fun, Intermediate4X radiant got a yt louitan, looking to find a team to get better.11/27/2020 20:08:29
MacDaddyMacDaddy#ezpzMacdaddy#643123Central NA, West NAMain11/24/2020 11:57:14
zabuzazabuza #1337aaron#816520Central NAOpen, Intermediate, Main11/20/2020 14:38:02
NotLuckieNotLuckie#2328NotLuckie#630221East NAOpen3x Radaint player 11/10/2020 7:21:23
UwUUwU#1882💕WeabuRL💕#913019East NAOnly played for fun, Open<311/8/2020 15:16:48
TheeChefTheeChef #6080Thee_Chef #802320Central NAOpenMainly looking for people to play comp with. See where things go from there11/3/2020 22:05:11
SkullPackTTVSkullPackTTV#000SkullPack#703719East NAMainI'm currently PLAT 2, I have a lot experience in first-person shooters. I feel like I could be an asset to any team that reaches out to me. I'm consistently getting better and it would mean the world to me if someone reached out to me to play on their team. Message me if you're interested!11/1/2020 23:31:32
Seba4Real#4321seber#537942East NA, Central NA, West NAOnly played for fun, Professionali have extreme adhd so if i forget to call don blame it on me(rat)10/29/2020 23:33:14
PastramiOnRyePastramiOnRye #2589PastramiOnRye#155920East NAOpen, IntermediateDiamond 2 peak In Act 1, Immortal 1 peak in Act 2. Omen main but can fill what's needed.10/29/2020 16:15:01
Enabiskingenabisking#1337Enab #334624East NA, Central NA, West NA, i get 70 ping on East and can play at a high level even on east coast servers. Intermediate, MainExperince as an IGL and team capaiin on an open esea team.
Former CS player. over 8k hours on CS:GO. I peaked at A+ on esea back in 2018.
Currently been playing Valorant since beta.
I am currently Diamond 3/Immortal 1 in Valorant.
I main Phoenix and can also play Brimstone,Raze,Omen,Sage,Cipher.
Very dedicated and mature player.
10/29/2020 14:52:32
devfragssDev#FragsDev#004016East NAOpen, Intermediate10/12/2020 3:11:30
kivkiv#1337kiv#810220East NAIntermediate, Main10/3/2020 5:45:56
sulliwhysulli#420sulli#047814Central NAMain, Professional9/25/2020 19:32:32
t0st0t0st0 #5261t0st0 #938529West NAProfessionalLvl 10 Faceit, A+ on ESEA for CSGO. Ex-advanced/main. Two intel commercials that aired on dreamhack for csgo. Pick me up for a pro team, I'm ready to dominate. Currently Imm29/24/2020 14:11:30
savagelyevilsavagelyevil #1788savagelyevil#505615IndiaMainI am in Iron 1 Rank and looking for a team.9/11/2020 23:42:17
3AM3am#val3AM#832022East NAIntermediate, Main9/7/2020 17:52:12
SwoopxALLDAYSwoopxALLDAY #blessSwoop#833528East NAIntermediate, MainEntry frag, Lurk if needed. Can support but best on Raze/Reyna/Killjoy. Placed second for 30bomb open season 1 with team stride. 8/31/2020 20:58:58
VioozViooz #4139Viooz #839925Central NAIntermediate, MainCurrently Immortal 3 looking to compete in stuff other than Ranked!8/26/2020 10:08:26
NoleeNolee#6969itzNoleeTV#962916West NAIntermediate, Maini have 100 hours of csgo, i am silver 3 on valorant looking to be in a team 8/3/2020 18:59:30
ppsuckerppsucker #2303HolyLaughter #833124East NAOpen, Intermediate, MainPlayed since beginning of beta. New to comp shooters but have solid mechanics and game sense. Tired of solo queue and telling others how to use their util/being the only one using comms. Main cypher or sova, can flex to omen.8/3/2020 10:11:50
ppsuckerppsucker #2303HolyLaughter #833124East NAOpen, Intermediate, MainPlayed since beginning of beta. New to comp shooters but have solid mechanics and game sense. Tired of solo queue and telling others how to use their util/being the only one using comms. Main cypher or sova, can flex to omen.8/3/2020 10:10:30
JayroowJayroow#YGBZJayro#598923West NAOnly played for fun, Open, Intermediateplayed csgo for almost 10 years8/2/2020 18:25:13
erloerlo #1156erlo #627528Central NA, West NAMain10k+ hours on CS 1.6 (CAL-main) , 3k+ hours on CSGO (ESEA-IM). I can be on quite a bit, looking for a team/players to start a team with and play serious again in future leagues/tournaments, and going forward from there.8/2/2020 0:17:47
8AXPY8AXPY #NA18AXPY#159717Central NAMain2.5k hours is CS. I can OP, rifle, or lurk. I am mature and very calm in game. Looking for a team that has good coms and is willing to play together and put in work to grow a good, cohesive team. Message me on discord if you have any questions.7/26/2020 0:49:43
8AXPY8AXPY # NA18AXPY #159717Central NAMain7/26/2020 0:42:50
CronusCronus#3165Cornus#888013West NAIntermediate7/23/2020 4:37:07
CrashAttack8#923312East NA, West NAProfessionalI can be a anything (Raze/Viper)7/22/2020 16:58:25
CrashAttack8#923312West NAProfessional7/21/2020 16:05:52
NstyleShroomsNStyleShrooms#1337HxShrooms31East NAOpen, Intermediate, Mainsend it 1007/20/2020 10:16:36
Enabisnub#696924West NAIntermediate, Main, ProfessionalFormer CS player. over 8k hours on CS:GO. I peaked at A+ on esea back in 2018.
Currently been playing Valorant since beta.
I am currently Diamond 3/Immortal 1 in Valorant.
I main Phoenix and can also play Brimstone,Raze,Omen,Sage,Cipher.
Very dedicated and mature player.

7/17/2020 17:04:58
xXProphecyXxxXProphecyXx#304812West NAIntermediate7/9/2020 16:13:29
ExNihiloExNihilo #6858ExNihilo #361816Central NA, West NAIntermediate, Main, ProfessionalI play for Atlanta FaZe7/9/2020 16:12:57
xXProphecyXx#304812West NAIntermediatei Can Snipe7/9/2020 15:53:07
DarkSpyro103430410West NAIntermediate7/9/2020 15:49:42
FortXNGamingFortXNGaming#9331FortXNGaming#388315West NAProfessionalPlaying VALORANT since 2nd week of Beta. 7/9/2020 1:46:34
KenkEN#FA1kEN#782217Central NAOpenNearly 5k hours in CS played Faceit lvl8 (used to be 9). I can fill for any agent but I was entry or lurk in CS.6/30/2020 2:34:24
IcicleYTIcicleGuy #LMAOIcicleGuy#328415West NAOnly played for fun, MainI am an experienced player in Valorant from the United States west coast. Prior to Valorant, I played a lot of CS, and accumulated around 1K hours. I have been playing Valorant since the third day of the beta. I am looking for a slightly serious team, to play competitively with. But I am also down the clown. I like to joke around a lot, even at the wrong times :). I have previously done and hope to do more tournaments. Heres some things about me.

-Previous teams: Team Amplus (2 years) Team Sigbig (4 years)
-Prior experience: About 8 years of PC gaming, 3 years in CS and 1K hours.
-Main characters: Viper, Omen, Sova, Phoenix
-Wanting: Team to communicate with and to joke around with.
-Current Valorant rank (6/26/20): Gold 2
6/26/2020 13:08:25
RezirreBlu3#0001Blue Plane#459914East NAOpen, IntermediateTwitter: @blu3_737 I was bronze 3 during the beta. I play Jett, Raze, Omen, Brimstone, Phonenix, Sage and Sova fairly well. I mainly play Omen, Sage and Sova.6/25/2020 22:34:06
The NAThe NA #7227The N.A #039413East NAIntermediateWe are looking for a brim, you will obviously have to tryout. it doesn't matter what rank. please DM on discord or email me.6/25/2020 11:28:27
4D4De #0004D #657319East NAOpenSova Main6/24/2020 3:35:57
naxnax#naxnax#213627East NAProfessional ---- 22:42:48
ObeseSkyDiverObeseSkyDiver#NOOBObeseSkyDiver#315827East NAOpenD2 in beta, LEM on CSGO, ESEA Rank A, FACEIT lvl 6, 2k hours on CSGO. I do coaching on Fiverr for Valorant. I've done various tournament in beta for Valorant, to include 30BombGG tournament6/19/2020 23:12:39
ButtclappingButtclapping#weedButtclapping#028723East NAMainImmortal 3 CB, 4k hrs in CS, top 10 duos in pubg season 16/18/2020 16:12:16
CampitbullCampitbull#BEASTCampitbull#071220East NAOpen, Intermediate, MainPlayed Over 1400 Hours in CSGO, was IGL for 2 Teams in CS in ESEA. Was ESEA B+, and left the game to pursue Apex Legends, where I reached Masters rank. Quit that for Valorant, where I began playing and getting back into CSGO to prepare. Hit Platinum 3 by Solo Queing in Rated mode. DM me if you have any questions.6/15/2020 19:05:40
devhoodiealbie#000albie#692823East NAMainBeen playing FPS my whole life. Want to find a team who wants to work together to become good and won't give up within a week, or having one bad day.6/14/2020 23:30:19
KiddyKiddy#6201SadBoyKiddy#794617EUNEProfessionali main sage and reyna i played csgo and i was global and im always on and i graduated and im here to scrim and play tournemants i can be a support igl and a lurker6/12/2020 12:36:09
krixirkrixir#1818krixir#563129East NAMainplayed comp PUBG. CS backround as well, looking to play Jett, open frag or hold off angle to make it a 4-5 every time 😉 6/9/2020 20:35:36
sulliwhysulli#420sulli#047814East NAMainDiamond 3 in beta, 3k hours csgo, level 8 faceit.
Im looking for a mature team that has good mechanics. I want positivity and criticism.
I prefer to entry with pheonix, but i can flex to brim and cypher. Im also willing to learn any character except for sage.
dm my discord if youd be willing to pick me up.
6/9/2020 18:51:07
OneWaYSins#4340OneWaYSins#4340OneWaY Sins#734819East NAOpen, IntermediateSilver in beta with solo or 3 Q. Main Sage & Reyna, learning omen. 6/9/2020 15:11:32
treaptreap #sheeptreap #117223East NAOpenPlayed CSGO since 2016 and switched to Valorant. Faceit lvl 8, ESEA B+. Peaked diamond 3 in beta and looking for teammates to queue with and enter tournaments with. Cypher/Breach main but can play brim or sage. 6/8/2020 22:02:46
SwyftSwyft#1765Swyft#541513Central NAOpenIm looking for a perm team to grind scrims and comp with and ladders and tournaments.6/8/2020 16:08:07
ararekekararekek #1611AustinKEK #982026West NAOpenPlat 2 in beta (only duo and 3 que'd). I main Omen, Raze, Breach and Reyna. 2,600 hours in CSGO starting in 2013. Best MM rank was Supreme. LAN experience (gameclucks 2015), played against professionals in the team at said LAN. Willing to play whatever agent tbh, just miss the itch of competitive play and want to grind my way to the top with people who want the same. I work a 3rd shift schedule currently, but expect to be on a daytime schedule in the coming months. 6/8/2020 7:34:10
Fort Rouge #9579FortRouge#252223Central NAOpen, Mainhey im tired of solo queing and im just trying to grow with some people who got the same competitve mindset plat ranked before beta ended i have a great game sense and can play cypher/brim/reyna/sage and working on viper 6/7/2020 0:12:39
Fort Rouge #9579FortRouge#252223Central NAMain6/7/2020 0:00:43
Fort Rouge #9579FortRouge#252223Central NAMain6/6/2020 23:58:45
OhDrewzyTTV OhDrewzyTTV#GOATOhDrewzy#294623West I have a bunch of highlights.
Been playing FPS games my whole life played a lot of Crossfire, CSGO, Open leagues and tons of scrims. I moved from the East Coast to LA 3 years ago and just started gaming again in April but Im already playing really good I was Platinum in VALORANT before it went down but I didn't really grind the ranked I played with some friends that where silvers and just enjoy the beta. I think im easily a immortal player with the game sense from playing Crossfire and CS:GO
6/6/2020 8:44:23
imagrinchyoazzimagrinchyoazz #NA1imagrinchyoazz#539027West NAOnly played for funalthough i have only played for fun i'm interested in the competitive environment. I have a desire to improve and an open minded approach to criticism. 6/5/2020 19:51:28
STEEZSTEEZ#6993STEEZ#699326West NAOpen, IntermediateLong-time tac shooter player with well over 5k+ hours across CS 1.6/Source/GO. Good team player, good attitude, good communication, and highly dedicated to improving.

Played Cal-im a long time ago when I had a team, never played very seriously in ESEA beyond a couple Open seasons. Didn't have much of an interest in going pro in CS:GO, but Valorant is my calling.

I'm looking for a team to learn and grow with - I'm certainly not at Main or Pro level right now, but I want to find a group of people that want to grind to that level. I have a lot of time available and a flexible schedule.

6/5/2020 16:37:46
SwishamanSwishaman #NA1Swishaman #847330Central NAIntermediate, Main3k+ hours in CSGO and day one on closed beta. Very good game sense and awareness. Best at Lurking, Clutch Daddy, Entry fragging.6/4/2020 15:55:39
SwishamanSwishaman #NA1Swishaman #847330Central NAIntermediate, Main3k+ hours in CSGO. Cracked on the closed beta from day 1. Very good game sense and awareness so Lurker is my best role as well as Clutch Daddy. Will Entry Frag for the right team though. 6/4/2020 15:54:02
FatCat3978FatCat#542117East NAIntermediate, Main1800 + hrs in R6, 400 in CSGO: I play entry fragger and can IGL, but am flexible to whatever role you need. Looking for a team that really wants to improve and work together to get better.6/4/2020 11:58:45
JRDNVJRDNV#EUWjordan coady#192118EUWMainplayed comp for 6 years, very experienced. I understand SnD and eco system. Entry fragger, AWP 6/2/2020 19:45:42
SuperSauce64#NA1SuperSauce64#NA1SuperSauce64#072322East NAIntermediateWas always interested in CSGO but could never get fully involved as it seemed too straightfoward, other than pure player skill there wasnt a lot of variety. Valorant on the other hand allows for so much more player and character expression and I instantly fell in love, I wanna get scary good at this game.6/2/2020 17:28:38
DrWolfisAlpha2981DrWolfisAlpha.TV #130613East NAOpen, IntermediatePlays/streams 3 hours a day (semi competitive) looking to join team that wants to join tournaments - play scrims6/2/2020 16:33:20
GCWeezy#capp0GWeezy#936717East NAOnly played for funCanadian6/2/2020 16:25:13
seren1tie946921EUOnly played for fun6/2/2020 6:31:00
peenordie6969peenordie#519514East NAOpen6/2/2020 4:14:58
pnky1337pnk#007225East NAMainEnded closed beta in Immortal 2. I'm looking for a competitive team to play in tournaments and leagues with. I have various experience playing other FPS titles competitively. I have a plethora of knowledge to provide to a team, as well as maturity and leadership. Shoot me a DM and let's talk!5/31/2020 13:42:12
Stern420BurnTheStern #320017East NAIntermediate, MainHave previous skill in CS:GO and Siege. Really enjoying ranked Valorant and looking for a team to consistently play with and have a good time. I hover around the platinum area, currently Plat 2 and I am eager to improve. I can play with high stakes and also have a chilled out time, I am free to play every night from around 6 pm - 12 pm and I get good practice in the mornings. 5/25/2020 15:22:01
SkenckBTW#9443Skenck_BTW #139917ItalyIntermediateI played rainbow & i have a worst setup i didn t scribe eanglish very well but i speack it good 5/18/2020 4:57:42
Joewee3582Joewee #575820West NAMainESEA: Rank B , R6: Platinum peak, Valorant: Plat 25/16/2020 22:07:06
personplayz4u8030personplayz4u#855115Central NAOpen5/16/2020 21:48:03
ChezGOD VCHEZGOD V #HACKChez#685519EuwIntermediateI really want to start playing competitive valorant, I'm Plat 2 right now only by soloQ, aiming at imortal till the end of the pré season5/16/2020 20:24:05
FPS NDG6632NDGツ#627716euMain5/14/2020 6:59:33
RockyRocky #2187Rocky#374617West NAMain5/12/2020 23:21:37
MrIxusIxusVT #6756Ixus#930217EuropeIntermediateI want to be analist for 1 team so if you need help contact me5/10/2020 7:55:32
Alpha6307Alphamento#004016West NAIntermediate, Main5/9/2020 21:53:17
TroyRD #TriggTroyRD #TriggTroyRD#103925East NAMainRanked immortal 2 in valorant currently I play Sova,Raze,Breach Looking for a top team to win tournaments and become a pro with5/9/2020 20:17:29
Parmasean14Parmasean#000Passion!!#683219Central NAOpenA dedicated player who has taken actions in utilizing aim trainers such as Kovaaks to improve aim, alongside constantly looking for more information to improve, tactics, teamplay, and ability usage. Will constantly be pushing to improve and rise to the top. 5/9/2020 13:45:14
Parmasean14Parmasean#000Passion!!#683219Central NAOpenA dedicated player who has taken actions in utilizing aim trainers such as Kovaaks to improve aim, alongside constantly looking for more information to improve, tactics, teamplay, and ability usage. Will constantly be pushing to improve and rise to the top. 5/9/2020 13:45:09
Parmasean14Parmasean#000Passion!!#683219Central NAOpenA dedicated player who has taken actions in utilizing aim trainers such as Kovaaks to improve aim, alongside constantly looking for more information to improve, tactics, teamplay, and ability usage. Will constantly be pushing to improve and rise to the top. 5/9/2020 13:19:17
ZintrixsNA1Slayah#346524Central NAOpenHi 5/8/2020 8:03:07
louis2546louis_lowde #355614United kingdomIntermediateIm looking to join a team that is fairly high experienced and doesn’t mind helping out someone like me who wants to get better and gain knowledge towards Valorant.5/7/2020 19:46:24
Joko#8502Joko26euMain5/6/2020 22:25:39
KingRockyXKingRocky#3772KingRocky#058517East NA, Central NA, TennesseeIntermediate, MainHave played CSGO but entry with that, played fortnite. Looking to further better my skills while also being apart of a team. Love the Team environment. Sage/Viper Sniper, Entry.5/2/2020 2:35:03
Akashic0000Akashic #653325East NAOpenESEA A- and Supreme in MM. Want to improve with a team, make connections, and continue to grow as a player. 4/30/2020 11:55:27
Phil De Payne#EUWfred00#916920EUWIntermediate4/30/2020 11:42:04
AllMik3AllMike#4101AllMike#537918East NAOnly played for fun, OpenI have competitive OW experience being a shot caller and being an in game leader4/30/2020 10:21:57
deadsun000deadsun #469632West NAMain*disclaimer* not interested in teams with only solo q or pug experience. ACTUAL high-level team experience only... which means, understanding:
-the value of full strats, going over them in depth(crossfires/rotations/etc)
-trading kills and communicating swings and site sweeps to get bomb down
-game/ability/ult and orb economy
-rotations and post plant comms/holds

About me:
-Semi-pro experience in cs 1.6 and overwatch with about 15k+ competitive hours, including scrims, leagues, tournaments, ladders, etc.
-Since competitive overwatch(which was the more recent team experience) I've grinded Apex, and even more recently I've been playing only csgo to prep for Valorant.
-Usually a strat maker on my teams and have spent countless hours in servers going over site takes and strategies.
-I know how to play tac shooters and be on a team. Consistency and communication. Years and years developing game sense. Holding angles, knowing when to rotate. I do what needs to be done to win on a team. I know the importance of trades and communicate extremely well and concisely.
-Currently main Sage/Cypher, but can flex and pick up any character needed.
4/30/2020 3:42:34
rahzuhlrahzuhl#NA14orm38East NAIntermediate4/29/2020 0:03:43
LinceLince#2751lucasgalleta#408124EUWMainjust if ur devoted team ty.4/28/2020 20:00:09
al1nal1n#803030West NAOnly played for fun, Open, Intermediate, MainExperience:2,000+ hours cs 1.6/4,000+ hours csgo/500 hours overwatch exp

I played CAL-main in cs 1.6/csgo ESEA with friends/Overwatch competitive 3300 SR (never played seriously until recently).

Main attributes is entry fragging, but have been learning other characters to be more diverse. I'm comfortable with filling any role. I can be the entry fragger, support player, lurker, or sniper and even IGL if needed.

Weaknesses would probably be lack of knowledge for the game but I feel I have the core fundamentals I learned from CSGO.

Looking for a team to build with - practice/rehearse strats, share and create ideas, play with a very serious mentality but not toxic. I work a morning job and can play 6+ hours a day in the evening.
4/28/2020 19:42:06
bem0zbem0z 6479bem0z 953717East NAOpen, Intermediate2k Hours in CSGO4/28/2020 4:19:08
NoobiekillzNoobiekills NA#1Aznpride101 #256118Central NAMainPassionate to compete at a high-level. Willing to put in the work and be a team player.4/27/2020 21:48:39
98Grand3170Griffen199821West NAProfessionalRLG4/25/2020 18:10:26
DrWalnutty4842Cash #671716East NAOnly played for fun, ProfessionalYou now its ur boi MrWalnutty, hittin them licks like its 1996, add me to your team if your pp isn't small. Over 10,000 ours in counterblox, I stomp those little squeaker like ants. I own a big ass lizard and I'm not afraid of the dark anymore. My biggest fear is loosing the ability to click on heads like I swipe on tinder profiles because I get all the ladies ;). Like I've said if you don't add me ur dum and dont deserve my talents ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, since it has been 35 seconds and no team has added me I will display more of my talents. I have played the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt for more than 127 ours and that means I have wizard like reflexis. I also stare at strobing lights for 18 ours a day just so that I will never be week like those epileptic
poopy brains. My minds is like the Great wall of china, big as fuck. The plays I do make shroud look like he just failed preschool. I play on only the most elite teams in the world and I now how to shoot a nerf gun irl. I can also pick up all the groceries in 1 go.
4/24/2020 23:34:51
areyoutrapareyoutrapareyoutrap#623416East NAMain4/24/2020 21:11:51
HarumGG#3011Harum #890816East NAIntermediate, Main4/24/2020 20:57:08
FrogFrog#7586Frog#471018Central NA, West NAIntermediateIM experienced CS player with over 6000+ hours in game. Able to fulfill every role. Interested in finding team with high level in game leading as well as dedicated players looking to improve.4/24/2020 12:45:41
powaxxx18407bags #509116East NA, Central NAMain7000 In Earning from fortnite.

Faceit level 10 while I played csgo

1000+ Hours of csgo
4/22/2020 12:15:42
ToastyUnicorns1228ToastyUnicorns#122518EastMainSerious Valorant Team that will play competitive and looking to go pro
Omen Main / Sage+Sova flex player
3000h+ on csgo
800h on r6 Plat 1 Pubstomper 🙂
800h on PUBG, semi-pro, played against OpTiC and Cloud9 and won
Used to be IGL for Legacy eSports and reached closed Semi-finals of Carbon-X (Paid), only lost out b/c of organisation issues with owner // ESEA Main level team
4th Place of the LOGITECH G challenge CSGO tournament
Good comms, english and french speaker
good for scrims with open schedule
Looking for competent and serious team
Any proof can be given upon request
DM me @ ToastyUnicorns#1225 for offers
4/21/2020 16:36:21
Saiko0020Saiko#002017CentralMain, ProfessionalLFT Serious Team to go far In, Dm for more info or proof of any of my claims or experiences, including links and photos of so.

Most Experience in "Rainbow Six Siege"
- NA, Age 17
- 6000 hours, half of which scrim/dry run time (R6)
- 2000$ + in earnings
- Have T2 experience, CL and CCS
- Reach #2 in the global rank leaderboard
- 5 years of comp exp
- 2 Years of IGL experience
- Over 600 hours of aim train in csgo for R6
- About 200 hours of CSGO scrims.
- 150+ hours in Valorant.Practiced IGL as well in game.
- Can learn any role (Valorant)

Requirements for Team
- NA
- 16+ (prefer 17+) in age
- 60-72 hours a week of team practice
- Must be able to listen and communicate
- Want to go far soon as possible
- Must have experience
- Prefer to have 3 out of 5 members already on the team
- Be willing to dry run/make strats, vod reviews, and more.
- Willing to learn new things
- No toxicity

Note: Lying will not be tolerated, if you lie about experiences or other factors about the team and I find out i'm not gonna waste my time, i'm here to go "pro" as fast as possible, and I will not be wasting my time dealing with false information, had too in the past so i'm starting it now.

Questions will be answered to the best of my ability in dms, all social media is linked on my discord profile except my twitter, dm for info on that. DM @Saikokyari1 on twitter.

4/21/2020 14:36:06
LeoN13371leon#419627WestOpen, Main2k hrs cs, former CAL-I starter CoD1/24/20/2020 21:44:49
AncientBandit9999AncientBandit#071619EastOnly played for fun, Open, IntermediateHi, I'm AncientBandit. I'm looking to join a serious Valorant team and grow as a player. I'd like to make a name for myself in the Valorant community and get to know many others within it as well. I main Breach but I am highly flexible in my agent choice, my secondary option is Brimstone and also enjoy playing a lurk role as Omen. I hope to be a great addition to a team and hopefully have a lot of fun playing and growing together.4/20/2020 12:54:16
k20hz #NA1kodee #708817EastOpenMY full riot id is k20hz #NA1. 4/20/2020 9:20:57
Vault0001Vault#576315WestMainHave experience in leadership on other teams, will play whatever is needed but prefer my main (Raze). I am non-toxic and willing to work with others to win. I am very competitive so laid back playing isn't my style. Feel free to ask more questions.4/19/2020 22:26:39
Alkalinexacid7083xblast1921EastIntermediate, MainIm goood. 4/19/2020 22:23:06
Narus6665919Narus#686529EastOnly played for funI LOVE YOU LONG TIME!4/18/2020 23:27:23
Zayous3255Zayous#325516CentralIntermediateyes4/18/2020 23:23:37
Reverence6278Reverence #351031EastOnly played for fun, OpenLooking for a non-toxic team to learn and grow with.4/18/2020 19:46:40