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My name is Raiyan J, and I go by the IGN: Flippsy. I have played video games, for as long as I can remember. Started myself off on the Nintendo DS, worked my way up to a PS2, PSP, PS3, and finally to the PC! Building my own pc and playing video games on a high level was always a dream growing up, and watching big names like Shroud, Summit1G, start from their beginnings and blow up really gave me the motivation and ambition to do what they did! I knew I always wanted to do something with youtube or twitch, in the form of esports/entertainment. The adrenaline, and satisfaction of competing at a high level against like minded brains, gave me a feeling nothing else I did gave me. At the end of the day I wanted to be with the best, and compete at the highest level. I finally built a pc, mid year sometime 2018, and started my journey on diving into the world of esports. My first love came through League of legends and watching the esports industry blow up around it, but I knew my heart lied in FPS. This is when I transitioned over to CS:GO where many of my gaming hours were put into, and I really dove into competing, and learning what a team environment was. This is where my aim was trained, and my mechanical skill was amassed. I continue now, to try my best to reach a high level of esports, through CS:GO, Apex Legends, and currently a game I instantly fell in love with Valorant. I was naturally inclined to play this game, as I have history in CS:GO, and my previous IGL experience from Apex and CS carried over. I will give my full effort to go professionally in Valorant, and hope that I will be able to capture an opportunity in the coming horizon of days. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and opportunities. ~My Overall goal is to compete professionally in an eSport and/or also pursue my twitch platform and grow a community to which I can share my gaming experiences with. Esports/Gaming Industry Experience Games that are relevant to my competing experience: Valorant - Played 8-12 Hours everyday since release, have beta key. - Streaming the Game 6-9 Hours Everyday - Scrimming Teams in the .Pro Discord and T1 Discord - IGL Experience from Apex, and CS:GO - Phoenix, Sage Main - Current IGL - Aspiring to be signed by an org. - Playing with other ex pros in other esports - Sponsored by Team Revere Us (TRU) in Valorant Beta - Will be representing them in the upcoming beta tournaments…until signed by an org. CS:GO - 4K Hours - Level 10 Faceit Peak - Mythic League FPL - C Quals Top 300 Canada, Currently Faceit Level 8 - Top 3000 Canada - ESEA RANK A - Experience in Open with two self formed groups. - Scrim Experience, Team Play, Communications, Site Executions, VOD Review - IGL/Entry Fragger/Lurker Apex Legends - 700 hours - Diamond 3 Solo Rank - Season 4, Diamond 4 Alt Account - Season 1 Top 500 World - Top 5 Octane World, when first released, Top 300 Current DMG per Match on Octane, Currently Ranked #23 Overall - Top 1000 DMG per Match Bangalore, Currently Ranked #200 Overall - Currently Ranked Top #1000 Wraith Overall - 1M DMG, 4K Kills, 6k hs - DreamTeam.gg Rating of 9.70 - Top 4k World, DMG per Match - Flex: Wraith, Path, Bangalore - Team Liquid Proving Grounds Tournament - Rogue Apex Tournament 1st Place, with CLG ImMadness and Zim2k - Code Red Apex Qualifiers, placed top 10 - Competed ALGS Online Qualifiers - Boom Tournaments - IGL Call of Duty - 2k Hours Cumulative (Console) - PS3 Online MLG Quals - Star League Quals - Played for fun - Initial start into esports from COD - Transitioned from Controller to PC Red Bull Online Drone Racing - 8 Hours - Online RedBull League, Ranked Top 300 NA League of Legends - 600 Hours - Plat 3 Peak Last Season, playing for fun - College League Contenders with Wilfrid Laurier University - C Star League Competitor - AD Carry Main - In Game IGL PUBG - 300 Hours - Online Tournaments - Played for fun Other Games: DayZ - 200 Hours Arma 3 - 300 Hours GTAV - 120 Hours H1Z1 - 150 Hours OW - 50 Hours Content Creation: - Twitch: Name - RogueFlippsy, 257 Followers, 12 Subs, Payout Successful, Upward growth, Twitch Affiliate, Currently Averaging 7 -15 Per Stream - on an upward growth trend. Path To Partner Unlocked: streamed for 140 Hours in monthly period, and streamed for 30 days non stop, and overall avg 6 viewers/75 for monthly period. Rogue Nation Stream team for Apex Season 1, 2, took half a year hiatus, due to college, and now back on the grind. - New Youtube Channel Launched to help twitch growth: Name - Flippsy, Fresh Account, 18 Subscribers, Weekly Uploads, Stream Highlights, vlogs etc, will now be my main gaming/vlog channel - Old Youtube Channel: Name - Flippsy, 48 Subs, 98 Videos, Highlights, Vlogs, other entertainment, science and learning - Instagram: Name - Raiyanj_ , 576 Followers, life posts, and will start to add gaming highlights - Twitter: Name- TRU_Flippsy, 375 Followers, gaming tweets, connections, and stream going live updates


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