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Match Management

1. Click on your profile name in the upper right hand corner of your browser and click the My Competition tab.

2. Scroll to the Schedule Matchups section. Here you will be able to see your weekly schedule, propose match times, communicate with your opponent, report match results, & and view completed matches.

3. To schedule a match, click the Propose Time button for the corresponding match. Prior to scheduling, a match will say Awaiting Time Proposal.

4. This will take you to a new tab where you can enter your desired match time, as well as comments for the opposing team’s captain.

5. After entering your desired times, submit the proposal. It is highly recommended that you propose multiple times for each match. The opposition will see a proposed time in their Schedule Matchups section. You will also be able to see your previously proposed times.

A) The “View” button represents times that you proposed. You can click this button to open the challenge and delete it if necessary.
B) The “Respond” button represents a time that your opponent has proposed to you, that is waiting for you to respond to.

6. If a proposed time works for you, click the Respond button, which will open a new tab where you can click Accept or Decline. If you are looking at one of your previously proposed times, then you can click Delete to remove the proposal from both team’s schedules.

7. Upon hitting Accept on a proposed time, the Status of the match will change from Awaiting Time Proposal to Match Scheduled.

8. From here, please follow the instructions on Hosting a Match, and Good Luck!

1. If you need to reschedule a match, then you will need to reach out to your respective Competition Admin (please see competition admin contacts for your specific event) prior to 24 hours of the previously scheduled time. (Reschedule requests will not be accepted if submitted within 24 hours of the match time.)

2. Each Competition Admin will discuss the previously scheduled match with each team. The Competition Admin will attempt to help schedule a new date.

3. If no new date can be agreed upon after negotiating in good faith, then the previously scheduled time will be upheld.

4. If a new time can be worked out, then the Competition Admin will delete the previously scheduled match.

5. After the match has been deleted, the team that requested the change will submit a new proposal for the agreed-upon time.

The Home Team (or Top Seed) will create the lobby and invite the opposing team’s captain. (Team Captains should add each other’s Riot IDs)

  • Lobby Settings: 
    • Tournament Mode: On
    • Allow Cheats:  Off
    • Overtime: Win By Two: On
  • Teams should pick server locales based on the best connections for all players, if the teams cannot decide on what’s best then the event staff will assist in the selection process.
  • If two or more players are experiencing high latency (100 Ping or more) then a Central server must be used. This must be changed by round 1.

Any dispute related to score reporting can be dealt with through the website. The  loser of the match can dispute when confirming the results from the score submitted by the winner.

  1. Hover over your account on the right of the website
  2. Click on My Competitions
  3. Scroll down to the report results section
  4. The game you just played will appear there, click on it, if the winning team submitted faulty results or otherwise inaccurate information, you should select the Dispute button and a competition admin will reach out for details.

After your game, the winning team will report the results.

How-to video:

  1. Hover over your account on the right of the website
  2. Click on My Competitions
  3. Scroll down to the report results section
  4. Click report next to the game you just played
  5. Fill in all the necessary information, making sure to attach the post match results scoreboard at the end (which includes each player’s statlines)
  1. Ex.  

The losing team will need to confirm these results.

  1. Hover over your account on the right of the website
  2. Click on My Competitions
  3. Scroll down to the report results section
  4. The game you just played will appear there, click on it, confirm all the information that the winning team submitted, and click confirm

Team Management

If they’re already registered on the site

Option 1: Invite Them to Join

You can invite them to join by going to their profile page.

  1. Go to the view all players page and search for their name to open their profile
  2. Once on their profile, you can click invite to button and select the team you would like to invite them to:

Once you send the invite, they can then see the invite in their My Competitions page and can accept it by clicking accept invitation:

Why don’t I see the invite to button?

If you go to the player’s profile and you don’t see the invite to link, it’s most likely because they are already on a team and since players can only be on one team at a time, you won’t be able to invite them to join your team until they leave their current team.

Or, make sure you are logged in to the account where you are the leader of the team.

Option 2: Have them request to join

Players can request to join your team by going to the team profile and clicking Join This Team.

Captains will then get an email telling them they have a request to join. They should then go to the team profile page, and accept or deny the request:

I don’t see the join this team button

First, make sure you are logged in.

Second, make sure you are not currently already on a team. You must leave your current team before you request to join another.

If they’re not registered on the


  1. Navigate to your team profile page

You can either go to the view all teams page and search for your team there, or, go to My Competitions and your teams will be listed there:

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the invite section

3. Enter the email of the user you want to invite and click Send Invitation

4. The user will receive an email with a link to register an account and accept the invitation. If they did not receive the email, make sure they check their spam folder

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